An Epic Night with Chase and Status (and Delilah)

Posted on 09 January 2012 by Mizzle

The night started with a beautiful set by Delilah. When ‘Go‘ started we knew it was going to be a good night. We also realised that there was only one way this evening was going to end and that was with it being one very sweaty mess.

The packed crowd at the Birmingham O2 Academy waited eagerly for Chase and Status to come on stage, looking around the crowd you could see the excitement on everyone’s faces as they were all eager to get there rave on!

It was time, the music started and there was Chase and Status, kicking it off with the opening track ‘No Problem‘ from their latest album ‘No More Idols’, the crowd bounced from wall to wall, and this did not stop for the hour and 15 minutes that they commanded the stage!

When ‘Eastern Jam’ kicked in, the crowd was at an all time high, everyone had their arms up in the air and were jumping around including everyone who had seats on the balcony.

MC Rage was prowling around on stage menacingly all night whipping the crowd into a frenzy and making them shout out for more.

Take Me Away‘ literally took me away! That was the moment when I let myself go with the crowd and we ended up somewhere in the middle of a very energetic crowd of happy ravers, then ‘Pieces‘ delighted our ears, everyone started singing along, would of loved to have seen Plan B there, but yet again he didn’t appear, maybe next time?

Then Delilah returned to the stage for the song ‘Time’. The energy and aggression thrown into the track was truly immense!

After disappearing off stage they returned for their encore accompanied by Liam Bailey for a note perfect rendition of ‘Blind Faith‘, which almost brought the house down.

Leaving the venue all you could see was steam coming off everyone and big smiles, it felt like we’d be raving all night little did we know it was just after 10.

As always Chase and Status treated our ears and soles to an epic night of immense tunes. I can’t wait for the summer festival season to begin, so we can see them again.

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