Avril Lavigne ‘The Black Star’ UK Tour Review

Posted on 05 October 2011 by Mizzle

We geared ourselves up for Avril’s final stop on ‘The Black Star’ UK tour at Manchester’s O2 Apollo. After her awesome albums ‘Let Go’ and ‘Best Damn Thing’ we were excited to be finally bopping along to her songs at her show. We didn’t really know what to expect from her live set, would she sound as good as her CDs? We were pleasantly surprised to find that she does; manufactured she may be but she can certainly belt out a tune!

The concert began with the usual dramatic wash down of the lights, followed by the excited calls for the now 26 year-old starlet from expectant fans. And you can’t help but be stunned by how many there were and the range of ages and genders that she appeals to – from teenyboppers, parents to the gay crowd. So the music started, much screaming, Avril came on stage but due to an issue with her sparkling diamanté mic, she left the stage after the second song. She covered the problem well, with some quick technical intervention she came back onstage and began to sing again.

She kicked off with some of her newer songs, ‘Smile’, ‘What the Hell’ and ‘Wishing you were here’ from her latest album Goodbye Lullaby which was released earlier this year in March. She moved swiftly on to her classics like ‘Sk8er Boi’, ‘Complicated’ and ‘Girlfriend’. The crowd went wild and we were absorbed in the electric atmosphere.

However, it would perhaps do more justice to her musical talent if she left the covers alone. And for those that she did do, rehearse a bit more – she embarrassingly forgot the lyrics on her version of Coldplay’s popular track ‘Fix You’ and the cover sounded awkward. Perhaps she was uncomfortable with it – a song choice to appeal to the masses rather than in tune with her own more original recent releases. Who’s to know, but this brought in a sense of her early days label of manufactured-pop which was sad as her voice and guitar skills were outstanding throughout the rest of the concert.

The set lasted 1 hour 20 mins and despite the few slip ups we noted, the fans appeared to walk out happy and so did we.

What did you think? If you saw Avril’s latest tour live send us your thoughts below.

Samantha Thomas

Photos by Kevin Smith