Beverley Knight in her ‘Home Town’ – Wolverhampton

Posted on 05 January 2012 by Mizzle

What a great night … Where to begin … It was a great privilege to see Beverley in her ‘home town’ as she kept referring to it. Before the gig I was unaware that Wolverhampton was where she had grown up, and what a home coming it was. With 4 costume changes from the patriotic union jack and leather trousers (with diamante seams on the outer leg – what a treat for all) to the rocking hot pants outfit and then the seductive little off the shoulder red number.

The whole gig was meticulously organised, and arranged with great lighting effects and great thought to the order of songs. The whole audience loved it and sang along, and when the 3 ladies on the front row were asked to it down by security (as the people behind could not see) they waved their arms in fury and passion saying NO NO WAY!!! and got everyone standing and capping long and waving the security people away.

Not only was Beverley on top form – frequently shouting back at the crowds, encouraging clapping and singing – but also the backing singers 1 guy and 2 girls – need to be recognised for such beautiful harmony’s and real passion for the music.

The highlight of the show was definitely the classic “shoulda wuda cuda” bringing everyone to their feet once again. But as a whole it was a great night. The music was as good now as the classics were years ago when first released, and the new album looks to be a real success as so much of her music is so ‘easy listening’ that fans new and old will all enjoy.

Well chosen gig Smashed Music! I know doubt believe we will be seeing more of miss Knight at music festivals and music concerts in the near future.

Lily Bowron