Motorhead – Wolverhampton Civic Hall Wednesday 2 November 2011

Posted on 23 November 2011 by Mizzle

Nice is a word rarely if at all associated with Motorhead, they don’t make ‘nice’ music, they don’t look nice infact they have built a formidable career on being rather…. ‘un-nice’

But what is ‘nice’ is how they can crossover into so many genres, can bring together so many different backgrounds, ages, philosphies all with one passion the music!  So perhaps it was little surprise to see the UK Subs & Anti Nowehere league on the bill delivering their own styles of anti nice music!

Motorhead are like Ronseel they do what it says on the tin, so does this make them predicatble? Well yes perhaps but you have to admire a band that stick to their princiuples never steer from what they love and never deliver anything less than 110% and its that sort of philospy that fits into the punk arena!

If its your first time seeing Motorhead then its an eye opener, it’s a bit like being in a train crash that lasts for about 2 hours – its relentless!.  So when they walk on stage and launch into Bomber you know theyre in the Building and by the time that’s finished theyre into the next melodic ballad ‘Damage Case’.  It’s a well rounded set with more hits to throw at you than Rocky.

When the green light descends upon Lemmy you know whats coming… ‘Orgasmatron’ still one of my all time favourites, his motionless stance and natural grimace adding to the sinister undertones.  So follow this with  a guitar solo a drum solo and an encore there can only be one ace left up their sleeves…yep you got it the ace of spades –  with ear drums split, bruises on order its ‘nice’ to have got out alive!!!


Reviewed By Chris Knight