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Rob Stoubos at Whitesnake – Wolverhampton Civic Hall

Posted on 09 July 2011 by Mizzle

Whitesnake are known for their hard rock anthems of the 80s, but David Coverdale’s contribution to British music stems all the way back to Deep Purple in the mid-70s, right up to today, when they are still influencing melodic hard rock and bluesy bands.
Whitesnake night at the Wolverhampton Civic Hall – one of the most anticipated concerts in my whole 28 years. I’d seen Whitesnake once before, at the Download Festival in 2011. That day, outside in the burning heat, they were brilliant.
I was very excited about seeing them perform inside a smaller and more intimate venue, like The Civic.
But the night started with an entirely different sort of headbanging! This was probably the most bizarre accident of my life.
Having arrived home after a long day at work and getting ready in a hurry, I stepped out of the door just as it started pouring with rain. I ducked for cover and ran towards my car, quickly swinging the door open to get out of the rain. Then thwack! I somehow managed to run head-first into the door.
My brow was split open by the impact and, I must say, cut rather deeply. In a split second, I had a decision to make – go to A&E and get urgently-needed treatment for my oncoming concussion… or go pick up Chris and watch Whitesnake. There was no question. I was going to see Whitesnake and nothing was going to stop me!
I quickly fixed a rock’n’roll bandage to my forehead and headed off.
By the time we got there, it was packed, and we only caught the end of The Union’s set, but my ears liked what they heard. After a quick drink, the lights went down, and it was like the 80s never left us.
Whitesnake sprang to life, blasting out hits Best Years, Give Me All Your Love and the classic ballad Is this Love? The women were swooning to David Coverdale’s fruity vocal charms, the men raising their hands in the air and singing at the top of their lungs.
It had to go down as one of the best reactions to the start of a gig I’ve witnessed.
At nearly 60, David Coverdale was born to sing, he sings from the gut in a style completely of his own. And there is no doubt he has plenty left in the tank.
Midway through the set, he stopped to comment on some guy who’d flashed his wife’s breasts at the stage, before the band delved into material from their new album, including the single Love Will Set You Free and the moving title track Forevermore.
We were treated to guitar solos from the masters and an amazing drum solo from Brian Tichy. The guy must have used up a substantially-large tree of drum sticks – I counted at least 20 being thrown up in the air.
The band rounded off with a powerhouse of classics: Ain’t No Love in the Heart of the City, Here I Go Again and the devilishly-sleazy, riff-tastic Still of the Night.
Several young girls around us were crying with joy. My cousin and I were completely blown away by the power of Coverdale’s voice, and the musicianship of the band.
It was clear they had given it their all.
I salute Whitesnake for making it a night to remember – despite the concussion. I hope they keep on rocking Forevermore.

Full Set-List:
• Best Years
• Give Me All Your Love
• Love Ain’t No Stranger
• Is This Love
• Steal Your Heart Away
• Forevermore
• Love Will Set You Free
• Guitar Duel
• My Evil Ways (into Guitar Solos, Drum Solo)
• Fare Thee Well
• Slide It In (part only)
• Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City (Bobby “Blue” Bland cover)
• Fool For Your Lovin’
• Here I Go Again

• Still Of The Night