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The Journey to Solfest begins!

Posted on 25 August 2011 by Mizzle

Our lovely Lindsey begins her journey to Solfest:

“Giving a lift to another ticketholder so as soon as that person shows at 10am on the bus, we are off. (Otherwise, we’ll just take their 6 bedroom tent that is here already and leave ’em behind!)

We’ll be there and entrenched, via a massive supermarket shop for beer, food, jelly, vodka, party poppers, conifers, and a sandy beach with deckchairs, by 12. Camping next to your car is the biz, you can take *everything*!!

Huge debates here about fancy dress, even at this hour. And even bigger arguments about which teddies we are going to take to do the parachute jumps LOL

We’ve made the most awesome stove in the last few hours – photos will be incoming via instagram if I can get a signal onsite, and now I am going to see if the rocking chair will fit in the car!!!”

What an exciting start to what sounds like an amazing weekend!