V Festival Sunday Shenanigans

Posted on 15 September 2011 by Mizzle

V Fest is a new experience for the senses, and festivals are certainly for the open-minded.

This, my first ever festival, was fantastic on every level!  Okay, loos are the exception but armed with VIP area passes my companion, Ava, and I managed pretty well.  It is deliciously noisy, food stalls everywhere serving almost everything, and plenty of it.  Expensive fast food, but soul food nevertheless.  Michelin it isn’t, but who wants that at a festival?

VIP passes for me are a must.  Cash bar, cocktails, sparkling wine, cosy cushions and no litter, a little bit of tranquility amongst the masses.  Having said that we did enjoy watching a bit of karaoke in the covered bar, whilst sitting comfortably on squashy sofas.  We spent much time in this area, just chilling out and chatting to people.

The music at V is fantastic, and includes four stages and a Glee comedy tent.  We spent Sunday morning packing up and carting it all to our car, a mile away.  Twice.  Lesson number one, pack light!

We watched some of our first gig of the day from our car park; Kassidy were first of the day on the 4Music Stage, and armed with a free beer from a generous fellow festival goer, we enjoyed the chillout whilst recharging our phones.

Next up, we watched a couple of numbers by Bruno Mars on the Virgin Media Stage, whilst mooching about for something to eat.  Good performance.

We actually spent some time in the Glee Tent which proved to be an entertaining escape from the hubbub, being thoroughly entertained by a Hypnotist and his ‘victims’.  Some of which were clearly not under his spell, but it all added to the escapism of the weekend.

The highlights of my day were Plan B and Olly Murs.  The latter played on the 4Music Stage and were surprisingly awesome!  Olly brought with him fun and frivolity and even the guys were lapping it up.  The audience were singing, dancing and generally having a great time.  I mentioned to a chap next to me that I was surprised the guys were so into it and in response he said “Yeah but Olly’s such a nice genuine guy, isn’t he”.  Say no more.

Next up, Plan B.  What can I say?  Totally brilliant!  We managed to get a pretty good pitch right in front of the sound tent in order to avoid as much as possible the cups of beer and lord knows what else being flung into the midst of the crowd.  Great place to be, we ended up next to a friendly bunch of people and had a great time.  Ben Drew’s (Plan B) playlist was taken from his album The Defamation of Strickland Banks album, which is one of my favourite albums, so for me this was music nirvana.

After which we were entertained by a chap who decided dancing naked was the order of the day.  Worked for me.

We finished up with headliners Arctic Monkeys, which proved an uncomfortable experience and not particularly enjoyable for either of us, so we ditched this to struggle through the scrum to enjoy the last couple of songs by Dizzee Rascal.  A much better end to a fantabulous fun weekend – can’t wait to go again!

Louisa Cockayne