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Dion Roy speaks exclusively to Mizzle

Posted on 30 March 2011 by Mizzle

A lot of artists have been on popular TV shows such as 90210, One Tree Hill etc, if you could have a guest star performance on a TV show, which one would you choose?

That would be interesting, I think I’d be most suited for Top Chef or maybe one of those shows where they tour the country finding the best local dives. That would probably make the most sense, since on the road that’s what I do anyway. Thanks for the idea – I should have been filming all the crazy places on tour where I went to eat. I’ll give you guys a shout-out on my first pilot.  On second thought,  maybe something like Shameless or Fringe. I tend to like the more eclectic shows, I’m just a nerd at heart so 90210 might be too cool for me.  

Who inspires you?

I just got back from SXSW, and I happened to see Duff McKagan from Guns N Roses play his own set. It was really amazing to see someone who’s been at the top and back a hundred times still playing music, and being passionate and thankful for the opportunity to do it.  Really inspiring to see. That would obviously be my musical answer, but personally my dad is recovering from a few rough patches and again – it’s inspiring to see. Go Dad!

You are compared to electronic bands such as Keane, Postal Service, and Snow Patrol if you did compare yourself to any bands or artists who would it be?

I think these days my sound is a bit closer to Pete Yorn, and Ben Gibbard, maybe even some early Smashing Pumpkins. My newest EP has all “real” drums, in addition to some of the more electronic type drums sounds.

Do you find it difficult running your Manhattan-based PR firm and being a singer/songwriter?

In the past it has been very difficult, but I actually did a pretty good job of making myself obsolete over the past 6 months, so the company for the most part is running itself while I am on the road touring.  Thanks to my trusty iPhone and Macbook – I really don’t miss a beat. In the past though, I was working a full day, then recording the rest of the night and finding scraps of time for other things – like eating on occasion :). 

 If you could cover any song in the world what would it be?

I think at some point I’d love to do a cover of some old “Morphine.” I started out on bass, and that guy was my hero for a long time. Unfortunately Mark Sandman passed away on stage some years ago – but he had a way of playing that was just soothing and rocking at the same time.  He played a 3 string fretless bass, tuned in some bizarre way. When I get some time after this release, maybe I’ll investigate exactly how he did it live.   ( )

What are your thoughts on Music Downloading?

 Tricky tricky… Generally, it would be cool to get paid for every download, but in this day in age I think that when people spread your music via email, torrents etc, it winds up bringing more people to the live show and it counter balances itself. I have a few good friends at, and I’m a huge fan of what they are doing for Artists as a streaming site – but not all of the streaming sites care about their artists quite as much as they do.

How are you finding touring with Tyler Hilton? Do you have any funny tour stories you would like to share?

Playing shows with Tyler was an amazing experience. This was my first tour on a tour bus, and I really had one of the best times of my life. It took a bit getting used to sleeping in your little bunk, but after awhile it becomes difficult to sleep without that rumbling of the road beneath you.  It was a bus with 9 dudes (including the Tour Manager, Driver, Papa Hilton, and the band, etc.) and at times it really looked and smelled like a bus that had 9 dudes living on it. It was basically summer camp for musicians.  The rest as they say, is under NDA 🙂

Are you single? (Question for all the girlies out there)

 There’s no ring on this finger, yet.

Have you been to the UK?

Yes – I have been a few times, I haven’t been back in a couple years, but when I was there I had an amazing time. The architecture is just incredible, and London might be one of the only cities to give New York a run for its money. I’d love to get back out there – maybe see Ireland and Wales, and visit the Guinness factory a couple times :). I wanted to maybe hit the UK for a couple shows, but this year just got too crazy, and I wound up booking a bunch of dates in Singapore instead – so that was my international craziness for last year.

What are your thoughts on the Japan tragedy do current issues influence and inspire your music or do you find you write more about personal life?

I am deeply, deeply saddened. It’s more tragedy than I think anyone can really internalize. My hearts and prayers go out to the people of Japan.  If you are reading this, open another window and go to DO IT!  If anyone donates anything at all to the red cross, I will send you a free copy of my album via email until the end of April. Just email the donation receipt to and you will get your copy.

What’s your favorite pizza topping?

Tacos.  Oh wait, you said pizza topping not food.  That would be Pineapple. Call it the South African in me making his presence known.