Kissy sell out takes time out of the tour to meet our Mizzle

Posted on 05 April 2011 by Mizzle

Hey Kissy, thanks for taking the time out to speak to us as we know you are very busy at the moment with the tour!

How is your tour going?

“It’s fantastic, I did Manchester and Scarborough at the weekend, and a big gig at Fabric in London on Wednesday. We’ve been mobbed, with all our dates so far are sold out! We’ve been doing a lot of the student unions, which is great as I’ve not done many of those before…”

“The production aspect of what we are doing now is immense. We’ve not had room to put up the full video screen tonight as it’s packed, but the lighting show is ridiculous! Sadly, I’m the only person who doesn’t get to watch it as I stand in front of it – I feel slight guilty about that!”

How long is your set tonight?

“It’s tough to get everything into the 1hr 15 slot. Tonight there is a live bit which we do with MC Cobra from the BBC Radio 1 show I do. I also do a greatest hits bit, which is cool as long as the sound system is up for it and the four decks don’t break! I do get through a lot of decks…”

How do you prepare for gigs?

“I get really nervous. I’ve been wanting to do this since I was 13 and I find I treat every gig like it’s my last one!  I practice every single day and I don’t label any of my CDs, it’s all done from memory which I guess freaks me out a bit as I mix so quickly.

“What’s wonderful is actually seeing people come through the door. As long as it’s not too rowdy, some of the students really go for it!”

“When I did the ‘San City High Tour’ last October, I wanted to support the people on my label and noticed that if I went and danced that people also danced. They thought, ‘Kissy is out there so let’s go and join him!’ But moving side to side, I looked like a boxer! It was funny as that wasn’t really what I was trying to do at all – I was just trying to psych myself up! I noticed when I played on that, it made me a lot better in front of the crowd.”

“You always have to up your game. When your wildest dreams come true, you have got to put as much effort into it, otherwise it feels a bit empty and undeserved.”

Any Festivals you want to play?

“I would love to go back to Glastonbury, I’ve just been confirmed for ‘Snowbombing’ in Austria. I’ve not really thought about it much as I just feel lucky to be here. Festival season is a wonderful time and now I have this wonderful team of people behind me. It’s amazing.”

Would you do the Leeds festival dance tent?

“No way, not after that Daphne and Celeste video! Putting their slot between My Chemical Romance and Slipknot…. Well, check out the You Tube video Daphne and Celeste Reading. It’s funny and scary what can happen! They still stood there till the end though, it was the most incredible thing.”

How did you get to where you are today?

“I’m a real fan of music, I think that’s what makes my radio show quite good – it’s very genuine. I’m someone who’s had a great opportunity, and I’m trying to make the most of it. My experiences meeting my music icons like Gary Newman and Human League are up there.  I was from a small town and wasn’t part of a cool scene, I just made a few records and got noticed for it. I’ve never been a person who just goes around hob-nobbing with people. There was meant to be some collaboration on my new album with some pretty legendary dance DJs, but they were on world tours, so eventually I just sat down and got on with did it myself. I was pretty happy with the way it sounded and the vocals. A lot was me – but not singing! There’s no ‘proper’ songs on the album, its real ‘banging’ club album. It’s quite extraordinary really, there’s classical instruments all the way through but the thing is every track has a break down pay off structure and it’s really easy to get. I’m quite proud of that.”

“When my first album was produced it was quite frightening being put on a label, so young.”

**Drinking a Bacardi Breezer, his favourite drink as a kid…**

“I never drank at gigs, because of my new stage presence is my showmanship thing. I love social interactions like talking to you guys, but it’s not because I’m filled with self-confidence, it’s because I’m really pleased to be here. I’m quite a timid guy and that’s been an element of my DJ stuff but now I do it in a vest and I’ve worked out. I have to compete with the ‘big dogs’. I truly believe not just what I play but the music on my label is the best music around and that’s why I’m very privileged to have them on. Like Art vs Science? I like people to feel safe around me so I decided it was time for me to look after the people around me and then the changes in the DJ stance was just natural!”

Chris Moyles – Comic Relief?

“Unexpected….  Very. .  Extra-ordinary. .  Totally Mad.

I thought he was going to come onto my show and not really be into it that much and sit in the corner as all I was told about the event is that they just had to talk every 6 minutes and it didn’t matter if they said a sentence they could just go ‘Yep’ or the track is by so and so. I made so much effort I turned up with my pre mixed music and then I started watching my red button stuff and immediately freaked out thinking this isn’t what I’ve done. . Chris Moyles has always made fun out of me; he just thought I was some stupid kid. So when I first joined Radio One he read my name out and he called me ‘flopsy’. My producer said they were probably going to sleep, as they racked up 55 minutes sleep time. I asked him to promise not talk to over my intro. What I think was quite amazing, is if you listen to the show the first 15 minutes you can tell there is bonding going on and he started to warm to me, his first comment to me was quite dismissive by the 3rd piece of classical music he said ‘what, you did this?’ . .  You do this every week this is mad. . I know you think us kids at midnight just skive off school and mug grannies but it’s a well known fact that the ‘Kissy Show’ has a lot of effort put in it to make it sound like that. It was an amazing weird experience. Richard Curtis came in; I was like ‘WOW’. He reminded me of my granddad at the end as he said to me ‘Well you’re not part of the fundraising event are you. Well done anyway, I guess.’  As soon as I finished Chris came round and gave me a massive hug. It was so bizarre.”

“I already get recognised in places like Tesco’s, I think it obviously made an impact.”

Mercury Records stopping CDs….

“No one really buys CDs or vinyl anymore. Indie music sounds good on vinyl but dance music sounds ‘shit’ the thing I do miss is the art work. I know that Felix Da Housecats new album is coming out, the reason he’s doing it, is because it’ll probably be one of the last opportunities he’ll get a physical copy in his hands.”

Do you still do graphic design?

“I still do everything. All I’ve ever wanted to do is make music or play it and design record covers that why I went to art school. The only problem is I wish I had more time. It’s part of the music it’s an audio visual experience.”

Future plans. .

“I’m a different person; I’ve grown up a bit which is probably wise. I have a better understanding now how to make music, but I still have that thing in me that I have had ever since I was a teenager. ‘Wild romance’ can actually be played in a night club, it still has those extraordinary bits, and it has those orchestral complicated sections but nothing you’ve ever heard of before. It’s very accessible, you have the quiet bits and the loud bits and quite a heavy speed garage influence on it so I’m very proud of it as I feel it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”

The first single ‘Wild in the Warehouse’ from my forthcoming album ‘Wild Romance’ was release Monday (4th) follow the link to check it out