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Frankmusik no longer…

Posted on 06 January 2012 by Mizzle

You read it right, Frankmusik is changing his stage name and fans are wondering – Why? Whilst everyone else is thinking – Who is he? I discovered this today as most of the people in the office hadn’t even heard of him. Could this be why he has packed his bags and moved to the US and left us? Were we not welcoming enough to his music? Either way he is gone and will no longer be known as Frankmusik.

After starting as ‘Mr Mouth’, a beatboxer, then becoming ‘Frankmusic’ and releasing the album ‘Complete me’ which got to number 13 in the UK charts, he is now changing his name to ‘Vincent Did It’ or VDI for short. Unfortunately for us UK fans we are left to think. . Did you really do it? Obviously not otherwise he would still be around. Just a thought but VDI doesn’t have the nicest sound to it, mainly because it sounds like the name for an STD, but we won’t go there. Poor Frank!

If, like us, you cannot wait to hear what ‘Vincent Did It’, (still laughing at VDI) has in store for us, then check out ‘Dynamo’ below. He has gone back to the Complete Me album style for this tune, which is why I liked him in the first place. So we will just have to wait to see where he’s going with this and find out if more than just the name is going to change.

When we spoke to “Vincent”, earlier in 2011 when he toured the UK, he said he was getting engaged and it was posted across numerous sites, anyone know if he’s popped the question and engaged yet?