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Kate Nash: ‘Why aren’t kids learning music?’

Posted on 10 March 2011 by Mizzle

Singer-songwriter Kate Nash has launched a nationwide music tour, calling for musical education to be given more attention in schools, according to the Press Association.

The 23-year old from Harrow featured at the launch of the British Music Experience on Tour. The national programme, presented by The Co-operative, is designed to rekindle passion for music among young people.

Nash revealed that her own musical education at school left much to be desired:

‘I know I never knew and was never educated about recording ever, until I was 16. We didn’t have a studio or anything.’

The singer, who gained fame after the release of quirky hit ‘Foundations,’ in 2007, also called for music to be made more easily reachable and a more realistic option for the young:

‘So I think sometimes it seems like it’s not accessible. It seems like it’s on another planet, like it’s far away and it’s not very easy to do and very easy to get involved with.’

The British music Experience tour bus will be touring schools across the UK, giving students a chance to use instruments and recording equipment on board.