Beat Sekas ‘Like to be’ Review

Posted on 24 October 2011 by Mizzle

The ‘Like to be’ track incorporates Producer Seeker DJ and the vocalist Erin Simpson. The remixes of this track are all about the energetic, electro, vibrant, and emotional sounds you feel throughout the beats.

Seeker has produced numerous other big, euphoric house and trance tracks. He began with progressive and melodic house, which then led to other strong influences from Electro and Swedish house. Over the past two years, Seeker has developed his music into a fresh and exciting sound.

With ‘Like to be’ he started from a vocal idea and then found the ‘beat’ at the end, this made the name Beat Sekas rather appropriate. Both extended version and radio edit contain the complete vocals of Erin, whereas the others only have snippets.

After listening to all the mixes I felt different emotions, from wanting to jump around with glow sticks, to relaxing and listening to the beats. Initially when I first started listening to them, I felt like these would be great to work out to, but then when listening through all the tracks again different emotions come out.

I found that the pitch and sound of Erin’s voice goes great with the beats and gives more of an emotional feel throughout. Out of the five mixes, The Original (Radio Edit) has to be my favourite. It starts straight away without the repetition of the beat at the beginning which I prefer as I felt the other versions were a little slow. It has a great amount of vocals to make you feel all the emotions.

After listening to all the versions they really made me think and relate to two quite random films, ‘Kevin and Perry go large’ and ‘White Chicks’. The massive clubs scenes in places like Ibiza are where I can really picture these tracks thriving.

Overall I think these mixes are really uplifting, energetic, emotional and inspiring, definitely something you should keep your ears open for in the clubs.

Danielle Salt