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Dion Roy from US to UK

Posted on 30 March 2011 by Mizzle

Having heard whispers about the singer Dion Roy, I just had to find out more. Born and raised in South Africa, he finally settled in the city of cities, New York.

Having played in several bands he decided to bravely branch out on his own. He has already released EP tracks and an album which I found on iTunes, Dion Roy already has a well established fan base in the US. It is clear to see why so many of his fans love him, as he clearly expresses himself through his music and lyrics.

The personal nature of his lyrics shows that he is not afraid to put himself and the situations he’s been in out there for the world to hear. Having visited his website and seen pictures of Dion Roy with his guitar, I half expected something a little more country, but I was pleasantly surprised to hear an upbeat melody with a rock twist on many of his tracks.

The mixture of these two reminded me of classic Lifehouse and The Goo Goo Dolls. Having read the interview done by Mizzle, he came across as a genuinely lovely guy. He seemed happy to spend time answering any questions in order to express himself, so that his fans and other people could really appreciate his music, and having read that (I’ve got to be honest) I like his music that little bit more.

However, having spent a fair bit of time researching Dion Roy, I came across a YouTube video of him singing Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars. This iconic song is one of my absolute favourites and whilst he is compared to Snow Patrol, I feel that this infamous song should never be covered.

With many other gigs and performances scheduled to take place this year, it looks like 2011 will be another hectic year for Dion Roy. I do have to say on behalf of all his international fans especially the British ones, we hope he comes across the big blue to visit us soon.