Enter Shikari – Review

Posted on 04 May 2012 by Mizzle

When I arrived at the Wolverhampton Civic, the first support band ‘Tek One’ had already begun their set. The whole crowd was encouraged to get very lively from the first note played. The three piece group which included a rapper, drummer and the third member on decks; played some incredible remix’s of some big hits, giving these songs some deep dirty bass. A song that definitely stood out for me personally was ‘Bring Me The Horizon’s’ and ‘Sleep With One Eye Open’ this remix contained the screaming vocals of ‘BMTH’. ‘Tek One’ mixed this song to a dubstep genre with some unbelievable drops which blew me and the whole crowd away.

Sadly ‘Tek One’ could not play forever. Next up were the relatively well known ‘Young Guns’, they gave quite a solid performance despite me not being a massive fan. The crowd was still bouncing and very full of life. However, I had familiarised myself with this band when they played the song ‘Bones’. This all went down very well with the crowd. Towards the end of their set, Gustav (lead vocals) asked the whole crowd to kneel down although I didn’t actually understand the reasoning, I felt rude not too.

The time between bands was fairly amusing. The roadies were sound checking the microphones and instruments which encouraged the excited crowd to ‘call and response’ to what the displeased roadies were saying into the mic. Now was the time that we had all been waiting for … ‘Enter Shikari’! They opened with ‘System’ off their latest album ‘A Flash Flood of Colour’ which then led into ‘Meltdown’. The atmosphere was insane with crowd surfers flying over constantly and Mosher’s doing what they do best with the pits ever growing. I came out of all the action for a couple of songs to just enjoy the whole experience. However, this didn’t last long as I heard the opening synth of ‘Mothership’. Instantly I started to move back into the crowd, pushing through much of the audience to enjoy one of my favourites right at the front. ‘Enter Shikari’ were full of energy through out the whole set with Rou (lead vocals) moving around the whole stage and Rory (lead guitarist) jumping into the crowd several times. ‘Enter Shikari’ were fantastic and have been every time I have seen them, and I would happily see them again.

Joe Farley