Kraak en Smaak Live at The Big Chill Festival

Posted on 31 August 2011 by Glenn Tucker

Having interviewed ‘Kraak en Smaak’ only a short while ago I was delighted to see they were on the line up for The Big Chill. My initial addiction to the Netherlands based band was introduced through their latest album, ‘Electric Hustle’. I immediately fell in love with the Jazz funk style and had previously asked them a couple of questions about their preferred performance style (live or DJ set?)
With the only competition on at the same time being Kanye West I found this the perfect opportunity to see for myself just how funky Kraak en Smaak could be and I wasn’t disappointed.

For some strange reason they started their set with “Turrell’s Lament” which is quite an easy going, wind down track taken from Electric Hustle that fits well on the end of the album but seemed bizarre at the beginning of the live gig, however as the song gained momentum it was the perfect precursor to the rest of the show.

As they had mentioned to me before they have a full range of instruments on stage including drums, bass, keys and female and male vocalists and this really came together as they got further and further into their gig.

The highlight had to be the live version of “Call Up To Heaven” and “Dynamite”. Both of these tracks had a completely different sound to them when performed live and the tent, which was quiet at first, soon filled up.

It was strange to hear such a difference from an album sound and a live set and the only people I can compare them too are Groove Armada. The usual chilled and relaxed sounds on an album really come to life on stage and you end up with this energetic infusion of funky and upbeat.

If you get the chance I would highly recommend seeing Kraak en Smaak perform live but if you miss the chance you should still get involved with their latest album.

Glenn Tucker