Late Night Sessions

Posted on 25 March 2011 by Glenn Tucker

The pure nature of a late night sessions album suggests the perfect setting to take in their latest compilation, so, after spending over 8 hours in downtown Digbeth (Birmingham) with a mix of intense dub step and drum & bass pounding away at my eardrums I finally staggered home in the early hours and settled down with a cold pizza to see what all the fuss was about.

After a couple of restarts (once the ringing in my ears stopped), I was able to pay considerable attention to the music. I found the hypnotic lyrics of Melody Day by Caribou drew me into the perfect mood to hear out the rest of the album which continued along the expected lines of uber chill while even prompting a couple of tear jerkers like To Build a Home by The Cinematic Orchestra.

To hope to listen to both CD’s in one sitting was wishful thinking and as the morning sun broke through the blinds it reminded me of Elbow’s – On a day like this, unfortunately this did not appear on the track listings, even though it would have fitted right in with the mood, but it did get me to stick on CD2 while I brought myself back to life.

While the Osborne Remix of Take it In by Hot Chip did nothing to ease my aching head I found myself thinking how easily this album played the morning after as well the night before and it was only after the final track Further Away (Maddslinky Feat. Tawlish) played out its final chords that I realised I was well enough to start the late night session all over again…. and perhaps this time I could pay a little bit more attention.