Laura tells all about Deeds of the Nameless – ‘Exit Wound’

Posted on 25 July 2011 by Mizzle

Comprising of brothers Ben and Richard Bueno, both on guitar and vocals, and the identical Kennedy twins, Steve on bass guitar and Dan on drums, Deeds of the Nameless are a British quartet from London, set to rock your socks off!

With fans such as Biffy Clyro, Ian Brown and Mystery Jets (to name but a few) I was interested to hear what Deeds of the Nameless had to offer,  and the answer to this is quite a lot so it seems and their music shows variation across the genres.

They have been described as “Black Sabbath playing The Beatles” and their single Exit Wound shows no exception.  The opening guitar riff is reminiscent of Coheed and Cambria, with the haunting vocals of Simon and Garfunkel; a strange juxta-position that harmonises perfectly together and managing to nod a salute to the long ago days of classic rock, whilst seamlessly incorporating a contemporary edge.

The track is both haunting and edgy and as someone who likes to visualise what I am listening to, this track would work perfectly in a film soundtrack.

The remix of Exit Wound, featuring Dabbla, Jim Baxter, Dubbledge and Stig of the Dump gives the track a complete makeover, with both a hip-hop and Nu-Metal vibe, bringing to mind thoughts of The King Blues and Linkin Park.

Whilst Exit Wound is a song that slowly engulfs you, Deeds of the Nameless smack you right in the face with their other single Run This Town and you soon find yourself bopping along to this track, as it sweeps you up in its raw rock riffs and vocals.

I instantly liked this song  and Deeds of the Nameless get a big thumbs up from me, with the feeling that they would blow you away at live performances and prove that we Brits can rock with the best of them!  Definitely a band I will be keeping me eyes and ears on…