Lucky Elephant; Starsign Trampline

Posted on 05 April 2011 by Mizzle

Lucky Elephant’s first album Starsign Trampoline is an excellent foray into the world of mellow Indie music; refreshing instrumentals and a philosophic lead vocalist combine to lift the spirits of listeners.

A healthy mix of bass and drum give this album character and put you in a festival mood.  The introduction of lilting guitars in the song ‘Modern Life, Changing people’ show the band has a diverse range of sound, pleasing to both the ears and the soul.

The tone of the album is strangely familiar although you won’t put your finger on where you have heard the sound before, it will conjure memories of those long ago parties and occasions you are trying to hold firm in your mind.

Arguably the best song of the album is ‘Edgar’ which appears in the second half, switching down to a sedate and reflective mood.  It is one of those songs which will get in your head and have you humming the lyrics for days – always a sign of a fantastically written piece.  It will get under your skin in the way that only the best things in life can.

For more info on Lucky Elephant visit their MySpace page