Sam checks out The Beekeepers feat. Mystro ‘Queen Bee’

Posted on 14 June 2011 by Mizzle

When first given the choice to review The Beekeepers collaboration with UK Rapper Mystro ‘Queen Bee’ I initially turned it down as UK hip hop is really not my scene, being more into my Rock. However, saying that I decided to see what it was all about.

The different remixes whether it was by ‘Hint‘ fun clubbie mix or ‘Parker‘ Remix, which I found was rather dub steppie, or ‘Dr Rubberfunk‘ using a funky as hell fuzz guitar riff, each one gives a very different feel to the original uptempo party hip hop track, with their changing back beats and timing to the tracks.

Listening to this type of music reminds me of one of my favourite films ‘Street Dance’ with it mixing the old with the new. As you listen to the wide range of remixes it gives you the feeling of being in a club blasting out loud music whilst dancing till you can’t feel your feet any more.

I really enjoyed listening to this as it reminds me that even though you may just like one type of music for now you should always be open to experience new things as your tastes can change, you can be surprised, I was.
If you’re like me and you are now intrigued to hear more check out all the mixes here The Beekeepers, you can also catch them playing at Glastonbury this year too!