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Skindred – Union Black – Wulfrun Hall

Posted on 04 May 2011 by Glenn Tucker

I would consider myself a fairly fresh faced fan when it comes to Skindred, having only been introduced to them a long while after they released “Roots Rock Riot” but this does not make me any less passionate about their music and genre.

Ragga or Reggae Rock (you choose) is, as the name suggests, a reggae rock mix that works surprisingly well together when executed as professionally as Skindred do and when it comes together it is nothing short of awesome.

So imagine my glee (not a word I should use when talking about Ragga) when I found out they were on a new album tour for their darker than usual “Union Black” album and playing not far off at the Wulfrun Hall in Wolverhampton, a fairly small and quite personal space with a blow up your eardrums sound system.

After dragging myself through two support acts who still think everything needs to be turned up to 11 the Welsh bred band members of Skindred finally took to the stage followed shortly by the lead man Benji Webbe. It was obvious as soon as he took to the stage that his personality and presence dominated the venue and his choice of clothing seemed to reflect this, a black top hat and silver jacket, pretty damn cool if you ask me.

It was not only Benjis appearance that made this gig a spectacle but also his involvement with the crowd. He had no shame in coaxing people to clap, jump and jam to a mix of old and new songs, something I was grateful for having missed earlier opportunities to catch them live.

There were even samples of Metallica and Tini Tempah thrown into the show. For those fonder of moshing and mashing heads together there was also plenty of this going on further into the crowd, all creating one hell of an atmosphere for such a small venue.

All in all the performance was nothing short of brilliant and anybody who misses the chance to see them live should get a hold of the new album and any old ones and lock themselves in their house till they emerge again a fully fledged Skindred fan.