The Supermen Lovers – ‘Foundation Disco EP’

Posted on 23 July 2011 by Glenn Tucker

Supermen Lovers? You mean the one who did Starlight? Yeah awesome tune, good memories, really catchy. Me and a friend of mine used to imitate the video when the rat and the potato (or whatever it was) realised that they could collaborate their musical magic and held up the cables as an open invitation to get together and go music mad, and yes it was a sad moment when only the rat got taken away by the aliens.

Ten years later I feel bad for not feeling the same about “Keep the Funk Alive” but there was no moonshine nor starlight here for me. The melody and beat was slow and funky, which isn’t a bad thing, its comfortable, like when you walk on those furry carpets and you don’t want to get off but would rather lie down and curl up for a few hours. Safe and sound.

If I was on that carpet now and I listened to this, nothing would make me want to move. Its easy listening and I might bob my head about in time to the steady beat but I wouldn’t feel prompted to get up and dance, the tune seems to lack progression. It has similar references to Kraak en Smaaks recent album which represents a similar funky genre, but “Keep the Funk Alive” doesn’t seem to reach the depth or height that I found in Kraak en Smaak. Bring on the crescendo, pick up the tempo…. please, I think there are fleas in this carpet and I want to get off.

Final in about the third quarter it seems to pick up a bit as the lyrics come back in but the momentum soon drops off again and puts me back on my flea infested carpet.

The second track on the EP; Eagle Shadow followed a similar trend, except now i’m playing on a Sega mega drive and listening to a more interesting early 90s computer game soundtrack. Again, it seems the track is slightly lacking depth and doesn’t seem to get me going or provide anything catchy for me to pick up and get excited about.

Although this all seems very negative I did mention it was ten years ago when Starlight got me moving and grooving (yes I tried to groove) and how I long for those days when it all seemed so exciting but nowadays I’m kind of enjoying lying around on my comfy carpet (it’s not really flea infested), and not getting too excited or staying out too late. An easy groove and funky beat fits perfectly in the background as me and my friends chill out on the balcony on another summer evening and it actually all works out well.